Founded 1n 1790, Hunters & Frankau are the UK’s exclusive distributor for all Havana Cigars (Habanos). Join cigar expert Patrick Williams to experience the marriage of flavours when pairing whisky and cigars, and discover why together they are the perfect match.
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Hoyo de Monterrey Hermoso No.4 Añejados

Hoyo de Monterrey is the most popular light flavoured Havana brand in the world. This cigar retains all of the classic cedarwood, leather and cream notes associated with the brand while the additional ageing of the cigars have added another layer of bittersweetness that elevates this cigar to classic status. The extra age should have allowed the cigar time to mellow. Rounding off much of the vigour of youth and bringing a more balanced, refined floral smoke. A class act.


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