We want you to enjoy your visit to the Midlands Whisky Festival, but please take note of the following…

  • The Midlands Whisky Festival supports responsible drinking and advises visitors to enjoy the festival and only to drink in moderation.
  • The Festival is a tasting event and drinking too much will not be tolerated.
  • Observance of the following house rules will ensure that all guests, visitors, exhibitors and employees can enjoy the festival in a safe and pleasant way.
  • Upon entry your ticket will be scanned and you will be issued with a festival wristband which you are required to wear during your visit.
  • Visitors are strongly advised to eat before and during the festival properly.
  • The location offers appropriate catering on site.  Please note only food purchased at the festival may be consumed on the premises.
    Drink plenty of water throughout your stay.
  • In the interest of a good festival atmosphere and especially the welfare of exhibitors, visitors will not be served alcohol if they appear to have consumed too much.
  • Nickolls and Perks Staff, Security Staff and St John’s First Aid are present to ensure the safety and welfare of the guests , visitors , exhibitors and employees.
  • Visitors who appear drunk or otherwise upset the event will be requested to leave the festival directly.
  • There is a strict policy on samples in force at the Midlands Whisky Festival.
  • Samples are only poured the festival tasting glass and are intended to be consumed during the festival.
  • Do not bring empty sample bottles with you to the festival and pour the samples provided by the exhibitors in other containers than the official tasting glasses provided.
  • Anyone found with their own sample bottles during the festival (whether full or empty bottles) may be requested by the security people to leave the festival directly.
  • Refund of entrance tickets or renewed access to the festival will not be granted to persons who not complied with the house rules.
  • Festival Staff will be on-hand throughout the event to help if you have any questions (identified by Nickolls and Perks “Staff” T-Shirts & badges)